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Location Wise Booking Charges
Location NameAccomodation TypeMax AccomodationBooking ChargeCaution MoneyUser ChargeTotal Amount
Bakreswer Youth HostelDormitory32150025175
Single Bedded Room6250275
Non AC Double Bedded Room545050500
Non AC Triple Bedded Room265075725
Non AC 4 Bedded Room4700100800
AC Double Bedded Room275050
Bolpur Youth HostelDormitory3820025225
AC Double Bedded Room685050900
AC Triple Bedded Room21125751200
Non AC 4 Bedded room with Attached Bath110001001100
Inspection Room(ACTBR)1125751200
Dabgram Youth HostelDormitory2915025175
AC Double Bedded Room785050900
AC Triple Bedded Room21025751100
VIP SUIT1450501500
Dining Cum Kitchen1250002500
Digha Youth HostelInspection Room85050900
AC Double Bedded Room4800850
AC Double Bedded Room985050900
AC Triple Bedded Room41025751100
AC 4 Bedded Room111501001250
Gangasagar Youth HostelDormitory5020025225
Non AC Double Bedded Room1065050700
Howrah Youth HostelDormitory(Male)2015025175
Single Bedded Room1250275
AC Double Bedded Room75050800
AC 4 Bedded Room11001001200
Kanchanjangha Youth HostelDormitory2915025175
5 bedded AC Room312501251375
Kazi Najrul Yuba AbasDormitory4215025175
Non AC Double Bedded Room245050500
AC Double Bedded Room3750800
Lalbagh Youth HostelDormitory7420025225
AC Double Bedded Room6950501000
Non AC Double Bedded Room22650700
AC 4 Bedded Room113001001400
Non AC 4 Bedded Room1010001100
Ceremonial Hall(with 2 Double bed room)2000020000
Single Bedded Room1847525500
Non AC Triple Bedded Room1482575900
VIP SUIT11750501800
Madarihat Youth HostelDormitory3620025225
AC Double Bedded Room485050900
Non AC Double Bedded Room2700750
Non AC 4 Bedded Room310001001100
Malda Youth HostelDormitory(Male)3515025175
AC Double Bedded Room575050800
Non AC Double Bedded Room1550600
VIP SUIT214501500
Massanjore Youth HostelDormitory2220025225
Non AC Double Bedded Room565050700
Mukutmonipur Youth HostelDormitory2320025225
AC Double Bedded Room175050800
Deluxe Room210501100
Executive Room850900
Purulia Youth HostelAC Triple Bedded Room87575950
Non AC 4 Bedded Room2650100750
AC Double Bedded Room75050800
Conference Room(9:30 am-5:30 pm)130003050
Ramkinkar Youth HostelEntire Youth Hostel18000018000
Entire Except Conferrence Room1500015000
Double Bedded Non Attached Bath445050500
AC Double Bedded Room3750800
Conference Room (9 A.M. - 6 P.M.)1300003000
Rangamati Youth HostelDormitory2515025175
Single Bedded Room3250275
Non AC 4 Bedded Room4600100700
AC Single Bedded Room725625
AC Triple Bedded Room287575950
State Youth CentreDormitory(Male)10020025225
AC Double Bedded Room21250501300
Conference Hall (10 a.m-2p.m.)16000100010008000
Conference Hall (3 p.m-8p.m)70009000
Conference Hall (10a.m-8p.m)100002000200014000
Auditorium For Weekdays(10a.m-2p.m)600010009000
Auditorium For Weekdays(3 p.m.-8 p.m.)750010500
Auditorium For Weekdays(10a.m.-8 p.m.)115003000200016500
Auditorium Hall for Weekends(10am-2pm)70002000100010000
Auditorium Hall for Weekends(3pm-8pm)900012000
Auditorium Hall for Weekends(10am-8pm)130003000200018000
State Youth HostelLuxury Suit(Double Bedded Attached Bath)15000501550
Executive Room(Double Bedded Attached Bath)12900950
Deluxe Room(A.C VIP Room)911001150
AC Non Attached Bath Double Bedded Room18650700
Susunia Youth Hostel36
Double Bedded Non Attached Bath345050500
AC Double Bedded Room1750800
AC Triple Bedded Room2925751000
Deluxe Room1150501200